The LotRO Chronicles - A fun weekend - May 29, 2007

Well, its been a long week and weekend for Pokepoke and I. I spent a good part of this week and weekend packing for my move to Indiana, but did manage to get some LotRO time.

Pokepoke is nearing one of his major milestones…level 35. This is the level that you can buy a horse or pony in Pokepoke’s case. I have been doing a lot more quests in the North Downs areas. Pokepoke had many traveling companions this weekend which helped him blow out many of the quests. From the brave Minstel Colector helping him kill the big cows (aurochs) to the help of what seemed like the whole kinship to kill the Drake Matron and Hillmen Plague-bearer (Thanks Thanny, Kaco, Gerty, Agent, and Airone). Thanks again to everyone that helped this weekend.

Approaching this milestone I only have one concern…GOLD!!! I need it for the horse. Horses in this game run 4 gold and 500 silver. As you can see 1000 silver equals 1 gold this makes it a much longer time to farm the 4,500 silver. I plan on farming goblins for my Emnity of Goblins II which allows for a “feign death” type ability which wipes aggro. I think this will be useful as burglar because due to the “spike damage” caused by crit chains it becomes more difficult to manage aggro. It should be interesting and hopefully profitable.

Hitting level 34 last night gave me access to a new ability which essentially transfers all of my current attacks to the aggro of the mobs current target. This is VERY USEFUL in group situations which tend to be high on aggro (think a group of healers and hunters with 1 tank). It essentially doubles the aggro for a tank as long as it is used when the mob has the tank targeted.

Overall, it was just a nice relaxing long weekend and had some chance to get some LotRO in. Something I needed after long hours of packing on Saturday.




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