Not close enough…I am standing in the freaking mob!!! - Thanny

The title above is the gist of a quote from my kinship founder Thanny concerning this topic

While so far I am loving LotRO, the lore, envelopment, and environment in general, there has been one little thing that bugs the day lights out of me. It is the Fellowship Maneuver. The Bread and Butter of the burglar class. Our defining characteristic. While I love the concept and love the maneuvers as a whole, I have one problem with them. It is the distance at which someone has to be to participate in one. It seems as though it is just a little bit too short. For someone to participate in a FM that I initiate, they almost have to be within melee distance of the mob to use any of the 4 options. While this sounds appropriate for both the Yellow (DoT) and Red (direct damage) options (for all but hunters who can do a ranged version of each attack), it is silly for the green and blue to require this. My main point being similar to this example below.


Group: 1 Guardian, 1 Hunter, 1 Champion, 2 Minstrels, 1 Burglar

Tank pulls big mob (boss, nemesis, etc).

Fellowship proceeds to attack normally.

Fight goes on for longer than 30 seconds…Burglar initiates fellowship maneuver to top off power/heal guardian and do a bit of a DoT.

Colors are as follows
Burglar Blue
Champion Yellow
Guardian Green
Minstrel Blue
Minstrel Blue
Hunter Yellow

While the hunter and Minstrels are at max distance to heal and do damage, they must move inward in order to accomplish the maneuver. In this case all goes well and the maneuver goes off. Well what happens if it was one of the “straight maneuvers” which requires all of the colors to go off in a certain order.

Colors are as follows

Burglar Yellow
Champion Red
Minstrel Blue
Guardian Green
Minstrel Blue
Hunter Yellow

If I remember properly this starts March of the Ents(which applies a large dot, does quite a bit of direct damage, and does a heal/power regen), it could be another one, don’t have access to LotRO-wiki right now. Now if any one of those players is not within range or does not assist the FM target it fails to do the extra damage and heal/power the group. This happens A LOT more than it should and not due to lack of coordination. While much of the time my kinship and I can pull these maneuvers off, much of the time it glitches and tells someone they are not facing the mobs or are too far away when they are standing within the mob. I can see this being a problem once the raiding scene comes about. Burglars complain of it constantly on the “official forums.” I am hoping Turbine does something to fix this in the big patch in June.

NewBreed - Pokepoke



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