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Welcome to Work Avoidance Strategies. I am NewBreed a 15+ year veteran of online gaming. I am currently an IT professional, husband, and complete video game junkie. Everything from FPS, RTS to my new, well not so new addiction....MMO's. I have been playing MMOs since Ultima Online and have played everything from Everquest to WoW and everything in between.
I am also an avid reader of Tobold's MMO Blog . Big Red Kitty , and many others within the MMO gaming community within the Blogosphere.

I have recently quit WoW after a 2.5 year hardcore raiding stint and hermitage to the cave known as my computer room. I played a Night Elf druid for that stint and enjoy reading others joy of playing the druid such as Ammana over at Adventures in Azeroth
Don't look at me as a complete convert from the MMO ways though...I have picked up a new addiction, though I find it one much easier to set down which my wife appreciates. LOTRO or Lord of the Rings Online.

I play a Hobbit Burglar (don't dare call them a rogue or a thief) named Pokepoke. Yes, I realize this isn't a RP name. Sorry Tobold. This is the debuff class within LotRO and has many unique abilities. The main ability they have, though, is to start conjunctions (old term) or Fellowship Manuveurs(new term). These are unique attacks that everyone in your fellowship (party) has access to and can benefit from. When a FM starts you recieve a "cross" with 4 colors on it. Each color represents an action: Red (Direct Attack), Yellow (DoT attack), Green (Heal), or Blue (Power regeneration). Also, specifics combinations of colors can trigger larger, even more devestating or helpful attacks.

In the following days/weeks, I will be posting more on LotRO, MMOs, online gaming, and life in general. So stay tuned in.

Here is a picture of Pokepoke.



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