The LotRO Chronicles – May 21, 2007 – A few levels, a few new abilities and several new horses.

So my friends, what happened this weekend? Well, due to the fact that I have been busy getting ready for our big move back to Indiana, I missed a few posts last week and a lot has happened since then in my adventures through Middle Earth. I spent the majority of Saturday working, but was a complete bum on Sunday mainly gaming.

I spent a few hours this weekend leveling my Burglar, Pokepoke. As I roamed around the North Downs a few of my kin slowly wandered their way onto the server Sunday morning. The main woodworker and forester in our kin, MrKaco, most generously hooked me up with a large amount of Yew and Lebrethon wood to convert to treated wood to finish out my Expert, Master Expert, and Artisan forestry profession. Its amazing how much of this stuff is around. After walking away from the old computer while crafting all this stuff, I came back to a kinship wanting to help me and few other kin level. So we ran around the North Downs killing aurochs, earthkin, Downs Hawks, and Lynx. We took down everything in our path with our band of adventurers. It started with only me and our trusty guardian, Deangermouse, extinguishing the foes of the North Downs. As time went past, the brave Hobbit Minstrels Airone and Thanny joined us. A little later Giddeus the ferocious Champion joined and promptly killed everything in his path (by the way watch that hammer next time, you about hit my foot). Once our group was assembled we headed up into the area inhabited by a large number of Dourhand Dwarves. As directed by our quest givers we were to dispatch several Dourhand Falconers, their annoying bird friends, and the Falconers leader. This lead to many close fights, but in the end we prevailed with the help of few fellowship maneuvers triggered by your favorite Burglar, Pokepoke and the amazing morale boosts from our other Hobbit friends.

During all of this leveling, I gained several nice new abilities including Trip at level 28. This ability lets the burglar start a fellowship attack from stealth and is a nice opener for a lot of direct damage or for a very nice DoT (Damage over Time) attack. This, combined with the other two FM starting attacks, makes a burglar indispensable from a fellowship and I can see the need for having several burglars within future raids. I also received a new ability called Hide in Plain Sight. This ability allowed me to instantly regain stealth, even while in combat. I would compare this directly to Vanish within the WoW Rogue world. By the end of the day, I had reached level 30. At level 30, I received a new Burglar quest called a Burglar’s Errand. This quest had me helping a small hobbit (I can’t remember her name) retrieve a sword which had been stolen by some Half-Orcs in the Lone Lands. This was a fun little instance quest which had I had to use all of my abilities to sneak past the Orcs. It took me two tries due to an errant Riddle, but I accomplished it. In the end, the Hobbit rewarded me with a new Cloak (+2 to stealth level and 18 Fate) and new trait which increases the effectiveness of my ability Reveal Weakness. At 30, I also received the ability to use the next level of Clever Devices (Marbles, Caltrops, and Stun Dust). Turbine really needs to look at dropping the cost of making these (each Clever Device takes 6 High-Grade Steel Ingots to craft which is a total of 24 Rich iron ore per Clever Device!!!). As you can see this really stacks up due to the need of having marbles on hand at all times for instances. I was also able to use the next level of Burglar’s tools which reduce the cost of tricks. Thanks again Colector for going out of your way to craft these for me.

Congratulations to Gerty, Agent, and Deangermouse for getting their horses…I think, Deanger was finishing the quest when I logged off. Hopefully I will shortly be in the realm of the toons with mounts along with Thanny.

Till my next post, happy adventures,




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