The LOTRO Chronicles – May 15, 2007 – ROLECALL!!!

I spent much of last night playing LotRO (about 2 hours) before my wife so kindly asked me to quit playing. I spent much of the evening grouping with several kin in my kinship The Revenant on the Melador server. The Revenant is a group of gamers that have played through several games together and I was kindly asked to join them, along with 3 of my friends, a couple of weeks ago. When I came from WoW, I brought several of my friends with me including Deangermouse (Dwarf Guardian), Colector (Hobbit Minstrel), and Stomp (Dwarf Champion). Recently (last night) another one of my friends Adrien (Elf Hunter) has decided to join us as well.

With the original 3, we joined The Revenant through a contact Deangermouse had named Thanny (Hobbit Minstrel). So far I have met a lot of good people through the Revenant. MrKaco (Man Hunter), Airone (Hobbit Minstrel), Agent (Elf Hunter), and Gerty (Elf Champion) have all been great to party with and game. Though many within my kinship are slowly and surely getting ahead of me in level, I feel zero pressure to hit the level cap and have been enjoying the game as it is. I will see if these folks will be kind enough to let me grab some screenies of their toons.

MrKaco has been the first in our little band to get his horse and proudly shows it off wherever he goes. Good job Kaco.

The thing I like most about this Kinship is the attitude of helping anyone else if they need it. Many times in guilds in WoW (including the one I was guild master of), it felt as though, sometimes, people were only out for themselves. This has been the most relaxed I have been in a long while in terms of gaming and I am finally getting the chance to enjoy the game instead of trying to fly through it. Also, they are more than willing to send crafting materials to anyone who needs them to level.

Overall, my impression of this game is good and a good group of people to play it with makes it great.

Shout Outs:Thanks to sean from Lost in the Grind for linking me. I haven’t had much time to catch the blogs today so I will update this when I add to the blog tonight.



Anonymous said... May 15, 2007 at 2:06 PM  

Where is my shoutout jerk.


Anonymous said... May 15, 2007 at 5:53 PM  

uhhh ohhh who did you forget NB ?

I have to agree with you, this has been the most relaxed I ahve been in in a game since playing AC, I am not sure if it is the enviorment of Turbine and the games they put out, or just the people they attract, but I made the decision today to cancell WoW and sell, a big step for me. NB I know how hard it is to step back and relax when i left DAoC and UNITY as I have told you a guild very much like Capital, the drive the endless grabbing to get ahead I never thought I would find what attracted me origannally. The Rev has rekindeled my love for the game and schelched alot of my sinicism I have had over the past year while playing.


and yes of course you can screenie my toon I just made him presentable by going all olive, I just need black and ill make him look like green lantern =0P


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